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Certificate of Completion (C.C) in Carpentry

The Vocational Education Department offers a Certificate of Completion in Carpentry. The One year certificate program exposes students to the knowledge and skills relating to the construction industry, with a focus on carpentry. Among major topics to be covered are blueprint reading, building construction (footing and foundation, floors, walls, ceiling, and roof framing/finishing) construction materials, tools, and safety.         


Program Learning Outcomes 

Upon graduation a student will

  • Demonstrate basic construction fundamentals

  • Demonstrate basic framing and finishing fundamentals

  • Practice construction safety precautions

  • Identify and use basic hand tools and power tools

  • Read and interpret plans and drawings

  • Perform basic masonry/concrete work

  • Demonstrate and practice essential employability skills



Program Requirements for a Certificate of Completion in Carpentry

I. General Core Requirements: 

13 credits

VCARP 050 English for Specific Purposes Vocational Education I


VCARP 051 English for Specific Purposes Vocational Education II


VCARP 060 Math for Construction I


VCARP 061 Math for Construction II


II. Carpentry Requirements:

30 credits

VCARP 101 Introduction to Construction


VCARP 102 Construction Safety: Tools and Equipment


VCARP 103 Blueprint Reading for Construction 


VCARP 104 Footing and Foundation 


VCARP 105 Interior Finishing and Cabinet Making 


VCARP 201 Roof Framing and Exterior Finishing  


VCARP 202 Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Framing  


VCARP 210 Carpentry Internship


III. Total Credits Required for Graduation:

43 credits



Sample Course Sequencing for Certificate of Completion in Carpentry: 

I. First Semester 

17 Credits

 VCARP 050


 VCARP 060 

 VCARP 101

 VCARP 102  

 VCARP 103

 VCARP 104

 II. Second Semester

 16 Credits

 VCARP 051


 VCARP 061

 VCARP 105  

 VCARP 201

 VCARP 202

 III. Third Semester

 10 Credits

 VCARP 210   


 Total Required for Graduation:

 43 Credits


For more information or questions on the Certificate of completion in Carpentry Program, please contact:

Richard Muller

Chair, Carpentry Department

CMI Araak Campus

Majuro, MH, 96960

Email: 528-5038 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone Number: 692-625-3394 ext 222



Disclosure to Gainful Employment

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Gainful Employment Disclosure for Certificate of Completion (C.C.) in Carpentry