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The learning management system (LMS) of CMI is Moodle. Moodle is an open-source software which stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. The Moodle website of CMI is


The College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) started using Moodle in 2008 under the charge of the Business and Information Technology (BIT) academic department. Since then, CMI’s learning management system (LMS) has been used by many educators and learners in the classrooms and by administrators for their special project courses and collaborations.


By Fall Semester 2016, over 20% of the total CMI faculty and 10% of the total CMI staff are substantial users of the open-source learning and teaching platform. The College’s LMS hosts ten types of courses with an average of 32-35 classes on a regular semester period. Held once every six months, one of the major activities that the College use its LMS platform in technology course placement testing of new students. The College recently integrated the Turnitin© software to its LMS platform to deter plagiarism, promote academic writing skills, and to enhance the efficiencies and capacity of students, educators, and administrators in maintaining the high integrity of professional and academic coursework.


To date, the College LMS is administered under the integrated services of the College’s STEM and IT departments. User-centered instructional design training and vital Moodle course-related services are also extended under the same active collaboration. While the number of satisfied users of Moodle grows in CMI, the College has begun the process of creating its formal policies and procedures that will set the standards for the efficient use of learning management systems in its classrooms and workstations as well.


CMI “Moodlers” faculty and staff gather together as a community once or twice every semester to munch and mingle and share their "Moodling" experiences with the community. Use this link to sign up and receive news or notifications about this big academic event.


For a user guide on how to access courses in the website click here. For individual or group training sessions requests about Moodle, you can book an appointment here. If you’re having trouble in accessing your course or your account in Moodle, use our CMI Moodle Help Desk


For more details and information on CMI Moodle, please contact  Boni Sanchez.