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The Education program leads to an Associate of Science in Elementary Education degree. Additionally, for those students desiring to become certified for teaching by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a Certificate of Completion in Teaching, which includes the Teaching Practicum must be completed.


Associate in Science in Elementary Education

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Display knowledge of school curriculum, emphasis on RMI.
  2. Identify cognitive and affective needs of students in the classroom.
  3. Practice self-reflection and professionalism in the classroom.
  4. Apply appropriate classroom teaching and management methods to promote apositive learning environment.
  5. Develop and promote elementary students’ critical thinking skills through reading to develop a community of readers.


Program Requirements

General Education Core Requirements (31 Credits)

English (9 credits)

Math (3 credits)

ENG 101 English Composition I (3) EDU 150 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (3)
ENG 102 English Composition II (3)

Technology (3 credits)

ENG 105 Fundamentals of Speech (3) ICS 101 Introduction to Microsoft Office

First Year Experience (3 credits)

Science with Lab (4 credits from the following list)

CMI 101 First Year Seminar

SCI 101 Introduction to Agriculture (4)

Humanities (3 credits)

SCI 110 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
ENG 211 Children’s Literature (3) SCI 111 Environmental Science (4)

Social Issues (6 credits)

SCI 120 Introduction to Biology (4)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3) SCI 135 Introduction to Marine Science (4)
SOC 140 Contemporary Social Issues in Micronesia (3)  

Other Requirements (9 Credits)

Marshallese Studies (6 Credits from the following list)

PSY 201 Human Growth and Development (3)

MAR 120 Marshallese Orthography (3)


MAR 130 Marshallese Culture (3)


MAR 140 Marshallese Government (3)


MAR 230 Marshallese Grammar (3)


HIS 132 Marshallese History (3)


Education Requirements (22 Credits)

EDU 109 Philosophical Foundations (3)

EDU 250 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (3)

EDU 210 Introduction to Teaching (3)

EDU 251 Science for Teachers with Lab (4)

EDU 211 Classroom Methods and Strategies (3)

EDU 285 Language Arts Methods (3)

EDU 241 Classroom Management (3)



SPED 260 Introduction to Special Education

EDU 266 Special Education Field Experience

EDU 261 Issues in Exceptionalities



Total Credits Required for Graduation: 62 Credits





Program Sample Course Sequencing:


First Semester (Summer)

Second Semester (Fall)

CMI 101 College Experience (3)

ENG 101 English Composition I (3)
ICS 101 Introduction to Microsoft Office (3) ENG 105 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
Total: 6 credits EDU 150 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (3)
  SOC 140 Contemporary Issues in Micronesia (3)
  MAR 130 Marshallese Culture (3)
  Total: 15 credits

Third Semester (Spring)

Fourth Semester (Summer)

ENG 102 English Composition II (3) PSY 201 Human Growth & Development (3)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3) Science with lab (4)
EDU 210 Introduction to Teaching (3) Total: 7 credits
SPED 160 Introduction to Special Education I (3)  
EDU 251 Science for Teachers with Lab (4)  
Total: 16 credits  

Fifth Semester (Fall)


Sixth Semester (Spring)

EDU 285 ESL Language Arts Methods (3) EDU 241 Classroom Management (3)
EDU 211 Classroom Methods and Strategies (3)  
ENG 211 Children's Literature (3) Total: 3 Credits
MAR 230 Marshallese Grammar (3)  
EDU 250 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (3)  
Total: 15 credits  

Total Credits Required for Graduation: 62 Credits


Certificate of Completion in Teaching

This includes the Teaching Practicum and 12 hours of coursework that is completed during the A.S. in Elementary Education program.

Students who wish to teach in the RMI must complete this certificate program to be eligible for a Professional Certificate I certificatiin from the Ministry of Education of the Republis of the Marshall Islands.

Program Application

  • completion of an A.S. in Education degree from CMI or completion of an Associate's Degree from an accredited college with a GPA of 2.75 or better.
  • satisfactory completion of ENG 101 and ENG 105 with a grade of C or better.

Program Requirements

Completion of the following with a C or better 

EDU 210 Introduction to Teaching                           3

ENG 211 Children’s Literature                                 3

EDU 211 Classroom Methods & Strategies             3

EDU 241 Classroom Management                          3

EDU 296 Teaching Practicum                                 12

Total                                                                        24 credits


Certificate in Special Education

This is a 34 credit program that focuses on examining theories, methods and concepts of an inclusive approach to teaching students with special learning needs in elementary schools. It introduces statutes that govern learning needs. The program also centers on designing practical differentiated methods and skills that will accommodate learning needs for exceptional students. This program includes a research and capstone project.

Certificate in Special Education Program

General Education Courses                                                            13 Credits

ENG 101 Introduction to Composition I                                                 3

ENG 105 Fundamentals of Speech                                                                          3    

ASL 101 American Sign Language I                                                       4

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology                                                      3    

Acceptance into the Certificate of Special Education Program    

Required Courses                                                                               34 Credits

EDU 109   Introduction to Philosophical Issues                                     3

EDU 210   Introduction to Teaching                                                        3

SPED 260 Introduction to Special Education                                       3

EDU 261   Issues in Exceptionality                                                          3

ASL 102     American Sign Language II                                                  4

SOC 140   Contemporary Social Issues in Micronesia                         3    

PSY 201    Human Growth & Development                                                          3

EDU 296  Teaching Practicum                                                               12

*Students can do their AS degree in Elementary Education simultaneously with the Certificate in Special Education.

Total Credits                                                                                       34 credits

The Third Year Program (3+1 Program)

The government of the RMI has mandated that USP and CMI collaborate on a Bachelor of Education Primary (in-service) in which CMI provides the first three years of a four year program and USP provides the final year. USP will confer a Bachelor of Education on those students who satisfy USP’s regulations[1] and requirements for graduation.

Entry Requirements for USP

CMI students will meet the following requirements to be admitted to a Bachelor of Education Primary (in-service) degree program at USP:

  • An Associates in Sciences degree in Elementary Education; or
  • An Associates in Arts degree in Liberal Arts plus a CMI Certificate in Teaching;
  • Have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.5 in either the AS or AA degree; and
  • Have taught for a minimum of two years (This requirement may be waived on a case by case basis).

English Requirement

  • CMI students will take USP ELSA test (or equivalent, e.g. IELTS) and pass at the required Band 5[2]. Those who do not meet this requirement will be required to take and pass the course EL001; and
  • CMI students must also complete and pass with a grade of C, USP’s course UU114 English for Academic Purposes before progressing to the second year courses in the 3+1 program.

Admission Process

Students interested in the third year program need to consult with the USP Majuro centre where they will take the UU 114 course before applying to CMI. Upon successful completion of the UU 114, students then come to CMI to register into the 3rd year program. All students are expected to go through the regular CMI Admission process. New students entering CMI for the first time and re-admitted students need to check with CMI what the requirements are so that they will meet the deadline of submitting the required documents.

CMI Course Number and Name                                                      Satisfies USP Course[3]

EDU 313 – Literacy and Literature I

EDU 314 - Literacy and Literature II                                                              ED217

EDU 322 – Elementary Social Studies

EDU 323 - Elementary Science                                                                       ED216

EDU 324 – Elementary Mathematics I

EDU 325 - Elementary Mathematics II                                                         ED215

EDU 312 – Foundation & Curriculum Instruction                                        ED250

EDU 352 – Educational Psychology                                                              ED252

EDU 300 – Ethics and Governance                                                                UU200

EDU 304 – Pacific Worlds                                                                                UU204

Upon completion of the above CMI 300 level courses and if the student has maintained a pass grade of C (2.0) or Raw score of 70/100 to 74/100 or higher on the CMI grading system, he/she shall be eligible to complete their final year at USP subject to completing the following courses needed to obtain their degree:

Sample Program Sequence

Summer/Fall Semester: UU114 (USP Center)

First Semester – CMI                                          Second Semester - USP                      Third Semester- CMI

EDU 313                                                                               UU 204                                                  EDU 314

EDU 322                                                                                                                                               EDU 323

EDU 324                                                                                                                                               EDU 325

EDU 312                                                                                                                                               EDU 304

EDU 341                                                                                                                                               EDU 352

Program Sheet Third year – 3 + 1 Program

Completion of A.S. in Elementary Education degree requires C or better in ALL courses or            

Completion of A.A in Liberal Arts + Cert. of Completion in Teaching

Achieved a GPA of 2.5 in either A.S or A.A degree and

Pass in USP ELSA test at Band 5 and/or C or better in UU 114


                                                                                                                                Term                     Grade                    Credit


EDU 313 Literacy & Literature I (3)                                                                ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 314 Literacy & Literature II (3)                                                              ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 324 Elementary Mathematics I (3)                                                        ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 325 Elementary Mathematics II (3)                                                      ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 323 Elementary Science (3)                                                                     ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 322 Elementary Social Studies (3)                                                         ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 312 Foundations & Curriculum Instructions (3)                                  ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 341 Perspectives of Classroom Management (3)                                                ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 352 Educational Psychology (3)                                                             ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 300 Ethics & Governance (3)                                                                  ______                  ______                  ______

EDU 304 Pacific Worlds (3)                                                                              ______                  ______                  ______

SPED 360 Foundations of Inclusive Education (3)                                      ______                  ______                  ______

DEGREE TOTAL…………………….. ………………………………                                    36 Credits           

Approved for continuation into 4th Year Program at USP ________

Katakin Program

What is it?

Katakin RMI is a pre-service teacher education program that will be implemented in the Fall 2012 Semester to fulfill the urgent needs for trained, qualified and certified classroom teacher in RMI schools.

This is a joint program between the MoE and CMI. Both institutes recognize the value of the establishment of an official KATAKIN-RMI Pre-service Teacher Education Program at CMI as a means of addressing these expressed needs.

The MoE and CMI recognize the mutual benefits of a pre-service teacher education program to meet RMI
s need for quality teachers.

This two year pre-service teacher education program, KATAKIN-RMI, under CMIs AS degree in teacher education program and its practicum component namely the Certificate of Completion in Teaching for the purpose of training potential teachers to meet classroom teacher needs of the MoE. The first cohort began in the Fall semester of 2012 with a group of 30 students.

Target Population

The program hopes to enlist 30 pre-service students (student hoping to be teachers in the future) from among its student population (current non-education majors), and others, who are interested in teaching in public elementary schools, and are qualified to undertake necessary academic requirement for the program. Apart from current students, the program also hopes to enlist students who are CMI graduates but had never taught before.


  • Current students or graduates must have a GPA of 2.75 or better in order to apply to the program.
  • Students vying for a place in the Katakin program must seriously consider teaching in the RMI as a career.
  • Must be pursuing or have graduated from a major other than Education.
  • Have never taught before.


Students registering into the Katakin-RMI will sign an MOU or an Agreement:

  • To be committed to work hard to complete required courses
  • To express their intention to work with MOE as classroom teachers upon successful completion of program.
  • That they understand that stipends will not be paid for a repeated course


Students in the Katakin Program will be:

  • Provided with counseling, guidance and tutorial programs throughout the academic term as needed to ensure successful completion of the two-year program.
  • Receiving a weekly stipend of $50
  • Hired by the MOE to fill teaching vacancies as they become available in schools.
  • Contributing professionally to the RMI Educational System.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in this program, see the Chairperson of the Education Department:

Va Savu at CMI or call 625-4902, 625-3394, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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